storms never last

Dottsy Brodt Dwyer (born April 6, 1953) is an American country music singer. Between 1975 and 1981, she recorded as Dottsy for the  RCA Records label. During that timespan, she charted thirteen cuts on the Hot Country Songs charts, including the Top Ten “(After Sweet Memories) Play Born to Lose Again.” Four of her other songs reached Top 20 on the same chart.

source: Wikipedia


we all scream for

Ice Cream!

judging the ice cream at Seguin’s 174th birthday celebration

pouring the foundation


Day breaks

bring on the coffee!


I’m not sure where these photos are (may have been lost in the 1998 flood – if so, this gathering of our Sharers Sunday School Class would have been sometime between December 1997 (when we moved to Seguin) and October 1998 when the Great Guadalupe County (and Comal County and Hays County!) Flood did its worst. Its very worst.


clouds and cows

come and take it

GONZALES “COME AND TAKE IT” CANNON. The Gonzales “come and take it” cannon was a Spanish-made, bronze artillery piece of six-pound caliber. The gun was the object of contention in late September and early October 1835 between a Mexican military detachment from Bexar and Anglo-Celtic colonists. The disagreement produced the battle of Gonzales,  considered to be the first battle of the Texas Revolution. On January 1, 1831, Green DeWitt  initiated the new year by writing Ramon Múzquiz,  the political chief of Bexar, asking him to make arrangements for a cannon to be furnished to the Gonzales colonists for protection against hostile Indians. On March 10, 1831, after some delay, James Tumlinson, Jr., a DeWitt colonist at Bexar, received one bronze cannon to be turned over to Green DeWitt at Gonzales. The fact that the gun was not carriage mounted until about September 28, 1835, suggests that in 1831 it was probably swivel mounted in one of the two blockhouses that had been constructed at Gonzales in 1827. Thus mounted it would have served as a visual deterrent to hostile Indians.

Source: The Handbook of Texas Online

colorful – indeed!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t miss it!

snap of the day

coffee break

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