If I didn’t know better,

I would say that Big Brother is showing Little Brother how he operates his I-Pad (but I do know better).




Some of my very best and most memorable times have been with my sister – how thankful I am!

Happy Birthday, Tiger!

the birthday girl

Grandfather and Granddaughter – twelve years ago (what a Great Father’s Day Gift!)

Happy twelfth birthday, Taylor!

what joy a granddaughter brings


Taylor rocks!



Hi there!

a father

with a

servant’s heart

“who thought it was more important
to be humane than
it was to be important.”


see you later

It’s tough


being in the hospital

when you are only

one year old.

However . . .

Granddaddy wheeling a grandson

through the

hospital halls is special

(for grandson and granddaddy).

Now –

sixteen years after the broken arm,


is watching this grandson

wheel through life.


total and absolute

grandfather and granddaughter

he was laughter

special bonds

a grandfather with two beloved grandsons – making memories

I badly need

I realize how badly I need a piece of my mother.  A scrap, a sound, a smell–something.

I hunger for the person who birthed me, whose body, I realized after becoming a mother myself, was overrun with nerve endings that ran straight to her heart, until it was numb with overuse, or until, perhaps, she felt nothing.

Birds of a Lesser Paradise by Megan Mayhew Bergman

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