The year 2013!

Crunchy numbers

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

In 2013, there were 0 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 923 posts.

The busiest day of the year was August 1st with 73 views. The most popular post that day was “This is a story about a bunny.”.


reaching for


It is time, I think,

to stop being aimless –

while continuing to strive for



to pay attention

to the moments of

Daily Grace.

To reach for Grace.

To savor those

Grace Moments.

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mi casa – 1997-2004

What if . . .

the Hokey-Pokey really is what it is all about?


Triskaidekaphobia is the fear of 13,  a number commonly associated with bad luck in Western culture. While fear of the number 13 can be traced back to medieval times, the word triskaidekaphobia itself is of recent vintage, having been first coined by Coriat (1911; Simpson and Weiner 1992). It seems to have first appeared in the general media in a Nov. 8, 1953 New York Times article covering discussions of a United Nations committee.

Triskaidekaphobia also may be related to Norse mythology, which tells how the god Odin invited eleven of his closest friends to a dinner party at his home in Valhalla, only to have his party crashed by Loki, the god of evil and turmoil, thus giving a total of 13 people. The legend further relates how Balder, one of the most beloved gods, tried to throw Loki out of the party, resulting in a scuffle and ultimately Balder’s death with a mistletoe-tipped arrow.

Fear of the number 13 also leads to fear of Friday the thirteenth (a fear recently dubbed paraskevidekatriaphobia), despite the fact that Friday turns out to be the most common weekday on which the 13th of a month can occur in the Gregorian calendar. The association of bad luck with Friday appeared in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the late 14th century (“and on a Friday fell all this misfortune”), but references to Friday as a day associated with ill luck in general first appear around the middle of the 17th century (Mikkelson and Mikkelson). In particular, it appeared in numerous publications as a particularly unlucky day to start a new venture (beginning a journey, giving birth, getting married, moving, starting a new job, etc.) beginning around 1800 (Mikkelson and Mikkelson).

source: MathWorld

Norse god Odin – the father of all Norse gods

Happy Birthday, Tiger!

my soul feels better right now

Della Reese is one of the few performers to move easily between the religious community and the mainstream entertainment industry. Born in Detroit, MI, Reese started singing in gospel choirs at a very young age. In 1945, she joined a touring choir with legendary gospel singer Mahalia Jackson. As a student at Wayne State University, Reese former her own singing group called the Meditation Singers. After a regular gig at Detroit’s Flame Showbar, she went on to sing with Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra. During the ’50s and ’60s, she recorded pop vocal albums for Jubilee and RCA Victor, leading to several pop singles on the Billboard charts. She was also nominated for a Grammy award and is remembered as one of the first gospel singers to have a popular stage show in Las Vegas.

source: MSN Entertainment

Reese moved from comedy to drama in 1994 when she starred in “Touched By an Angel” (CBS), in which she was Tess, the older and wiser guiding spirit to novice Roma Downey. The anthology series was a surprise hit; its message that the Almighty exists and has a plan for the average person tied in with Reese’s concurrent career as a minister connected to the Universal Foundation for Better Living. She heads her own church in L.A.


Nobody knows

thoughts the day after Mother’s Day

Yesterday in our Sharers’ Sunday School Class, our marvelous teacher (Teresa Peña ) questioned us as to what song/hymn (pertaining to Mother’s Day) we should sing before the lesson.  We had no pianist and no Real Voices (miss Frances!) to lead us, so we didn’t sing.

But, on the tip of my tongue was the suggestion we sing the following song (although we certainly wouldn’t have sounded like Paul Robeson).


A pet of your choice

fish? puppy? snake?

The Harleys Rock!

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The Harleys rock for charity!

Not only is this band great musically, they are generous in giving.

In 2009, the Main Street Program awarded The Harleys the Volunteer of the Year Award – well deserved!

They definitely ROCK!

I’ve lost count of the benefits they have given to raise monies for worthwhile causes.  Probably – beyond count.

In 2006, The Harleys were honored as Citizen of the Year – again: well deserved!

Then – the Volunteer of the Year(s) honors others who volunteer. 

How can you beat that??

Will it or won’t it?

double duty

for the 


(April 4, 2012 recipe)

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