God alone sees us as we are

Word of the day (and thought for the day):


1.  tact: the good judgment and sensitivity needed to avoid embarrassing or upsetting others
2.  freedom to decide: the freedom or authority to judge something or make a decision about it
“Tipping is left to the customer’s discretion.”
3.  confidentiality: the ability to keep sensitive information secret
[ 14th century. Via French < Latin discretion- “separation, discernment” < discret-, past participle of discernere (see discern) ]
Flannery O’Connor’s rather relentless scorn for “nice Christian people” who sincerely believe they’re the good folks, better than average, and pleasing to Jesus, makes her stories, like Hawthorne’s, classics of our literature. I treasure them, certainly, for their many literary virtues and their rich, dark, humor, but more importantly, for their sharp, honest theological insight: there is none righteous, no, not one–and don’t you forget it! O’Connor’s great gift to readers lies in the way she tricks us into identifying with the worst of these self-righteous characters, blinded by the beams in their own beady little eyes, ever ready to sit in judgment on their neighbors.
. . . Because we are commanded not to pass judgment on one another, it may be that discretion–regard for privacy, protection of the closed spaces of heart and workplace that allow people to “work out their own salvation in fear and trembling”–needs a high place in the ground rules of community life.
. . . discretion requires us first to pray, so that we might learn when to share and not share, and when to sacrifice the love of story for the protection and healing that comes only in silence.
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