No one writes like Edgerton! No one . . .

Clyde Edgerton continues to surprise.  No one writes as he does!

After a long afternoon ride we camped in a wood of low pines where there was grass for grazing.  My job was to hobble the remuda.

For supper we had a good stew from one Dutch oven and rice and raisins from another–Pete called it moonshine. For dessert we had lick dripped over canned Ambassador peaches and biscuits. it was the best food I’d had in a long time. Being outside, eating, tired, butt sore, the sun down, the sky purple, and the air clear and cooling fast, I felt pretty happy and comfortable.

We sat around our fire and talked for a while and the Indians and Mexicans sat around theirs. Most of the talk was done by Mr. Merriwether and the Englishman. They was sitting across the fire from each other.

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  1. And EVERYONE should read his books!

    That is not opinion. It is fact.


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