If you like sports

and if you like good writing


if you don’t care for sports, but appreciate excellent writing,
you will want to read Over Time My Life as a Sportswriter by Frank Deford

– writing at its best.

. . . Anyway, I was supposed to officially meet the Lakers in the hotel lobby the next morning, where we would jam into cabs, our long legs all entangled, and go to the airport. I was scared to death. This was, if you will, my debut as a traveling sportswriter. I remember picking out my best shirt and tie. I think I slicked down my hair with both Vitalis and Brylcreem. I put on my fancy new checked sports jacket and a pair of horned-rims in a vain effort to make myself look just a little older. In the lobby, I tried to appear as unobtrusive as possible, but Baylor spied me right away. You’ve got to understand Elgin was not only the star of the team then but the leader and, as well, a very good straight-faced comedian. Loudly, in his deep voice, staring directly at stylist me, he says: “I didn’t know Ralston-Purina was making sports jackets these days.”

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