I like jazz, classical, instrumental, gospel, country, traditional (no talent whatsoever – but I so appreciate the art) and Jane Monheit is one of my favorite jazz vocalists.

Jane Monheit became the retro darling of the jazz world after the release of her debut album, Never Never Land, in May of 2000. At the time only 22 years of age, Monheit possessed a voice and lyrical presence well beyond her years, as well as a sultry physical appeal reminiscent of singers from the 1930s and 1940s. “Her high, sweet voice is pure (with hints of a rich, budding lower register),” wrote Stephen Holden for the New York Times. “Her sense of swing is steady; her taste in popular standards is impeccable; her interpretations of songs like ‘Blame It on My Youth,’ ‘Young and Foolish,’ and ‘The Folks Who Live on the Hill’ are imbued with a precocious wisdom.” Monheit, whose career sprung from winning the runner-up prize at the 1998 Thelonius Monk Vocal Competition, is poised, say many, to become a pop star as well as a favorite among standard jazz enthusiasts.
– source: MusicianGuide.com

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