thoughts about

death and resurrection.

In our human relationships, death and resurrection are constantly at play.  A relationship may die because of a betrayal, only to be reborn even stronger through repentance and forgiveness.  Our false images of a person may die, only to be replaced by more truthful and honest reflections of the real person, rather than the projections we place upon them.  We may need to let an unhealthy relationship die, in order that we may move on with our lives and find a healthier relationship with someone else.  Many of the greatest problems that occur in human relationships are due to the fact that people have a difficult time letting go of a known relationship that is miserable, in order to go out in hope of finding a kind and good relationship.  We prefer the miserable known to the potentially joyful unknown.

In the Christian faith, the death and resurrection of Jesus is at the core of our faith.  We see a loving, compassionate, faithful man who felt the sufferings of creation and humanity at a very deep level.  He was very honest in his telling of the truth, and many simply did not want their dishonest world views challenged.  So they killed him to try to get rid of this “troublesome prophet.” Jesus’ resurrection tells us that evil never wins in the end.

– The Rev. Mike Glenn, St. Philip’s, Palestine, Texas

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