We are different: Hubby and I

Advertisers are aware of certain differences between men and women. Each must be addressed differently when marketing products and services. To market to men, concrete information and data carries the most weight. For women, however, comprehensive data, combined with emotional connections, seem to yield the best results. Savvy marketing requires a working knowledge of both groups when reaching out to the widest audience possible. – Source: Small Business

I love the beauty of this bottle of wine.

DH asks the salesman about the vineyard that provided the grapes, the taste (initial and after), the price, this wine versus another from a different vineyard, the escalating prices of good wine, the shortage of certain grapes, excellent and Merely Good Scotch Whiskey, the (in his view) ‘gaudy’ packaging of wines as opposed to simple designs.  About this time, I walked away to look at another beautiful bottle of wine.

Me:  It is so beautiful!

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