simply “Amen”

The rain falls as if it is God.  It says Wellies,
raincoat, hood, and umbrella, says stay inside,
build the peat four stacks high, keep the tea water
boiling.  We can do do nothing about its whim,
its wind, and slash across the eyes. We
keep going to the window, a slant of hope
rising from our hearts’ bog.  We think of
daring a prayer against the blight, but
the rain is omnipotent and indifferent
as any deity.  We simply say Amen.

The Rain on the Burren, III by Jack Ridl [broken symmetry]

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  1. Lovely poem and one that particularly resonates with me as I have been ill this week so the rain and winds are a great allegory for that helplessness and Amen is the appropriate response !


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