ballad of a trucker

When my mother and father met, he was a driving a truck — hauling potatoes from one little New Mexico town to another – and into Colorado.

My mother wrote the following poem during their ‘dating’ interlude — and a trucking company paid her for the rights to this poem, had it printed on cards, and gave copies to all of their truckers!


Come all you fair ladies with hearts pure and true.
Love not a trucker, it’s heartbreak for you.
From flower to flower, just like a bee,
His love first lights on you, then lights on me.
With a heart that is fickle and a flattering tongue;
He courts all the ladies, the old and the young.
He loves you at night, and forgets you by morn.
You’re left with a heart that’s bleeding and torn.
He tells you he loves you, but it’s only in fun.
So be
ware of a trucker and his flattering tongue.

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  1. love it!


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