Bob pampers Hope

Shrimp Kabob - oh yes!



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  1. Judye Plant

     /  March 3, 2012

    Hope, You are killing me!! I could singlehandedly eat all the shrimp in the ocean! These photos make me want to lick my computer screen!

    Are these grilled? I hope not because our grill is worthless and needs to be thrown out, so I’m hoping I could cook them in the oven. I really need to fire it up a couple of times a month!!

    I am literally salivating all over myself, so I have to go away from your blog page before I embarrass myself and become a drooling old woman!

  2. Would you believe that Bob got everything ready to grill – and our grill wouldn’t work! He dismantled it, went to Home Depot and purchased an inexpensive little (VERY little) grill – came home and skewered and grilled these beauties! He does indeed pamper and spoil me!


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