especially the mundane

What I like about photographs is that they stop time. When you look at a photograph, you’re not moving forward, you’re looking at a moment, at an instant. And being captured by that instant soothes me. And I like that a photograph can record any aspect of life, especially the mundane, reflecting back to us the wonder of every moment. – Diane Keaton

looking through the photo album

pumping gas - Springer, New Mexico - in the wind

cousins - Robert is SOOO tall! - and Hope is SOOO short!

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  1. Sarah Robinson

     /  January 27, 2012

    Memories..Love the pictures!

  2. Oh my, Sarah – how old am I?

    Don’t answer that. So looking forward to the next reunion.

    The memories . . .

  3. Annice Wilson

     /  January 30, 2012

    Hope, I never knew you were so short.ha. You are still the cutest and the best smile of anyone even when you only had half a tooth. love ya, Annice

    • Oh, Annice – remember when we would go to the corner drugstore (can’t recall the name!) and drink Cherry Cokes, put nickels in the jukebox and dance around the tables? I would get to laughing after taking a drink and the little ice chips would shoot out the bottom of that broken half-tooth like BB pellets!! Oh my – the memories. Didn’t get that broken tooth capped until I graduated (and broke it when I was eight years old!!). And of course you do know I am so short . . . ah . . . {Of course my cousin Robert is very very tall}.


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