not like a child’s drawing

Fernando Botero’s art is definitely NOT like a child’s drawing (although I used one of his paintings to illustrate the quote from Jeffrey Eugenides’ novel, The Marriage Plot).

I find his paintings and his sculptures fascinating.  I have only a very small Botero print in my kitchen and I love it.

At the age of twelve Fernando Botero, son of a Colombian travelling salesman, received training as a matador alongside his usual school education. Botero’s first major subject in his early paintings was the ring. In 1948 the artist had his first exhibition with other painters from his home province of Antioquía in Medellín.

source: Art Directory Online

Fernando Botero, the Colombian artist best known for his robust, inflated forms and exaggerated human figures, is both living history, and a living legend.

– Claudia Herrera Hudson

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  1. Hudson

     /  August 18, 2016

    Hi, Thanks so much for sharing my quote on this. I appreciate it! I just wanted to point out that it should be ColOmbian, not ColUmbian in the quote. My family is Colombian as well and it gets misspelled constantly.

    • Thank you. I had it spelled correctly on one sentence and incorrectly in another. Appreciate the correction and the visit.


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