after 60-plus years of faithful service


My dad gave us this ladder after my husband and I moved into our First Little House.  I’m not certain how long my father had the ladder (Watling Ladder Company, St. Louis, Missouri) before seeing our need for one.

This faithful ladder gave way and was replaced.  Old Watling Ladder gave good service for many years; a new ladder costs less than a hospital visit because of a fall – however, I had grown quite fond of this ladder.  Quite likely the fondness had more to do with the fact that my father gave it to us than the service – or maybe the feelings are tied together – just as poor old Watling has been nailed and tied together the last few years.

Perhaps the sentimental feeling for an old rickety paint-splattered ladder has to do with the many memories connected with the service of this tool: hanging artwork and family photos on the walls; DH building bookcase after bookcase after each move to a new home; changing light bulbs and reaching high shelves to put away dishes and linens.

This old ladder has seen (if ladders could see) children learning to walk and talk and trotting off to school and then college and then – away.

It has been present for family gatherings, for celebrations, for mourning.

Old Watling has heard (if ladders could hear) laughter and sobs and boisterous talk and soft speech,  and arguments and praise and encouragement  and Sweet Talk and and and – all of it

All of it – for sixty-plus years.

Goodbye – and thank you for your service, Dear Watling Ladder.

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  1. Hoevel

     /  May 9, 2013

    I have its twin from my granmothers house. The house
    was built in 1902 or so, still using it:)


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