The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

“I remember a period in late adolescence when my mind would make itself drunk with images of adventurousness.  This is how it will be when I grow up.  I shall go there, do this, discover that, love her, and then her and her and her.  I shall live as people in novels live and have lived.  Which ones I was not sure, only that passion and danger, ecstasy and despair (but then more ecstasy) would be in attendance.  However . . . who said that thing about ‘the littleness of life that art exaggerates’?  There was a moment in my late twenties when I admitted that my adventurousness had long since petered out.  I would never do those things adolescence had dreamt about.  Instead, I mowed my lawn, I took holidays, I had my life.”

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

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  1. On history, especially our own…read and loved "The Sense of an Ending" by Julian Barnes – Geri Gibbons

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