living in the moment

pages 105-106 about friendship:

“. . . I remember a few years ago mentioning to Cindy’s daughter that her mother was one of the popular kids in high school, and Brooke was incredulous.  Her entirely uncool mom was popular in high school?  I had to clarify: popular in the wholesome set–she played in the band, after all-but Cindy’s reach was far and broad.  It still is.  Cindy talked me into going to the only class reunion I have attended–our tenth.  This coming year will be our thirtieth, and I plan to stay home.  But I will look forward to hearing all about it from my longtime, true, and forever friend, Cindy.

“From high school into college, from college into my early working life, connections were made and friends were found.  Over the passage of years, some friendships lost momentum, but more were sealed by time.”

page 107:

“I wonder if heartbreak is the prerequisite for empathy.  Do we have to feel our own hearts break open before we can be present for the heartbreak of another?”

page 29 and page 109 about Kate’s mother:

“Some part of me believes that if I could fix my mother’s diet, I could fix her mind.”

“Yes, I want to say, it is scary for all of us.  But imagine how scary it is to be my mother.  As I wash the dishes for the fourth time today, I think about all the tasks I do on autopilot.  And I wonder:  when did my mother forget how to do the dishes?  She has a dishwasher.  Was there a time–back when she could remember where to put the soap and how to load the machine, a time before she lost her sequencing ability–when she washed and rewashed the dishes, unable to remember or ascertain whether they were dirty or clean?  And would she still remember how to do the dishes if, like me, she had been doing them by hand day after day, year after year?”

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