praying – and caring – for others

When we begin to pray for another, we begin to know and to understand and to cherish him or her as never before.

Several years ago a dear friend had a kidney cancer scare and her friends (me included)  fervently and lovingly and continually prayed for her.

I prayed (literally) two days and two nights without sleep – my tears  flowing.

I did not – and could not – sleep – but I could – and did – pray.

I wept.

I prayed.

I ‘connected.’

I felt God’s presence (not knowing what the answer to my prayers would be, yet feeling the assurance that my words were heard).

The third night I did sleep but would wake intermittently and repeated (without really thinking about it) the prayers I was murmuring for my friend when I dropped onto the bed and laid my head on my pillow and fell asleep.

We (friends of our friend) prayed in Knolle Chapel (Seguin First United Methodist Church, Seguin, Texas)  and holy oil from Jerusalem was impressed upon  my friend’s forehead as we prayed for her healing.

We ‘connected.’

We prayed.

We cared.

God listened.

My friend’s medical results were positive.  There was no cancer.

I will never forget the connection I felt to God and my friend and our collective friends  and how I knew during those days and nights that God was present – and that my friend would always be in my heart.

Whatever the result of her cancer diagnosis, I knew with assurance that God heard me. How did I know?  I absolutely felt His presence – although I did not know that my prayer would be answered as to how I prayed (awkward prayer that it was!), I knew my friend was in His hands.

AND I knew that God listens and comforts (whether the outcome of my prayer  is what I thought it would be or not; I felt His presence).

In a way, it seems strange that some memories are embedded in our psyche – in another way, it seems as though this is how it should be.  We need to remember those moments of Grace.  Those moments of ‘connection.’



Intercessory Prayer.

Concerns for others.

I know that God desires us to come to Him in prayer.

We are wired for connection – with God and with one another.

When we pray for healing or other matters  (healing and concerns and whatever is going in our lives), the answers may not be as we wish or thought would be answered.  However, I know that it pleases God when we pray for one another.  And I know that He wants the very best for us.  The Very Best.

A quote from Alfred, Lord Tennyson:  “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of . . .”

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  1. Thanks, Hope, for the prayer reminder.


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