I want

to cultivate a relationship with God.

Douglas V. Steere writes in Dimensions of Prayer that we “come from God” and that “implicit in this assertion, which is the ground — foundation, basis — of all Christian prayer, is an acknowledgement of . . . dependence upon God.”

He further writes that we must not relinquish the claim made in the writings of Paul (Ephesians 1:9-10) and John (John 1:1-5) that a divine plan is being worked out in the whole cosmos.

The person who prays may have no airtight philosophical arguments on hand to help him or her to prove for once and for all this faith.

. . . Henry T. Hodgin used to insist that people could never move into a spiritual relation to the universe and its Source until they acknowledge their dependence.  He put it in terms of host and guest, suggesting that the person who plays host in the universe, and regards God as the guest, can never really pray.  Only when the transmutation occurs and we discover that in this universe not we but God serves as the host, and not God but we are the guests–and highly transitory guests–is prayer really possible.

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  1. Oh, Jolly – you enrich my life you know. I hope you know.


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