“be a small part of something big”

Donald Van de Mark writes in The Good Among the Great  –

Understanding others’  faiths can deepen yours and give you more perspective on your own beliefs.  The best-selling author and psychiatrist M. Scott Peck believed that the psychologically healthy are usually more advanced spiritually because not only are they tolerant of other faiths, but they are also open to the mysteries and the miracles of faith.   This is startling because these are fact-based decision makers.  They usually do not put much value in blind adherence to ritual and rule.  But because they also understand how little humankind actually knows about physics, other dimensions, energy, and the universe, they are open to the possibilities of much, much more going on.

Their kinship with all humankind also makes the good among the great curious and appreciative of others’ ways.  Because they’re experiential, . . . they often enter the temples and delve into others’ belief systems and rituals.  Not only will appreciating the unknown help you see the forest and not just the trees, it may also help you recognize that some forests just might be enchanted.

. . . Exceptional individuals also appreciate the mere idea of spirit, whether within themselves, within others, or in the ether.  They have a tacit understanding that whatever animates our bodies may be on a never-ending journey of discovery, including the developing of our own spirits.

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