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  1. Jolly Ellis

     /  November 27, 2011

    Rocking chair–worry. . . so true . . .
    This quote has nothing to do with anything, but I liked it–my cousin said that at night in Montana, it is “darker than the inside of a goat.”

  2. I love your cousin’s quote, Jolly. “darker than the inside of a goat” has to be very very dark indeed.

    Your cousin in Montana has the best of it, I think – wide open spaces, only the stars when not covered by dark clouds, sounds of the outdoors (e.g., animals, insects – and perhaps a breeze – or strong wind – or falling snow). No traffic sounds or streetlights – God’s Country.

    Shucks, I may have talked myself into moving to Montana!

    Another ‘plus’ about Montana (and Wyoming): there really isn’t a speed limit on the wide open roads (posted or not).


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