Recognizing the brain as a loopy system with its own internal dynamics allows us to understand otherwise bizarre disorders.

. . . When it comes to nature and nurture, the important point is that you choose neither one.  We are each constructed from a genetic blueprint and born into a world of circumstances about which we have no choice in our most formative years.  The complex interactions of genes and environment means that the citizens of our society possess different perspectives, dissimilar personalities, and varied capacities for decision making.  These are not free-will choices of the citizens; these are the hands of cards we’re dealt.

. . . The brain is an organ that feels alien and outlandish to us, and yet its detailed wiring patterns sculpt the landscape of our inner lives.  What a perplexing masterpiece the brain is, and how lucky we are to be in a generation that has the technology and the will to turn our attention to it.  It is the most wondrous thing we have discovered in the universe, and it is us.

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