Word Salad

Frustrated Me to Hubby:  “What is the name of that thing I use to find that stuff?”

DH:  “Huh?”

FM:  “You know.  That thing I use when I want to find stuff to format things.”

DH:  “What??”

FM:  “Oh!  The one we used to use.  You know.”

DH:  Silence.

Increasingly Frustrated Me:  Silence.

Enlightened Me:  “Oh!  Internet Explorer.  We used that before we changed to Mozilla Firefox!  Oh!”

DH:  Silence.

Happy Me:  “I need to use Internet Explorer to find that template – you know, that template – the template.  ThetemplatethatInternetExplorerdownloads – that downloads automatically.  That’s why I need Internet Explorer.”

DH:  “Uh . . .”

Very Happy Me:  I figured this out on my own.  All by myself, I remembered Internet Explorer.  Internet Explorer.  For the template.  The template for ??

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  1. naive lovely happy sentimental….
    Pretty good, but I wished I had found “published”


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