staying connected

Lordy!  I’m not sure where time goes, but it seems so fleeting.  Fourteen years ago, Ginger Jones (FHS Class of 1956) began maintaining a newsletter for Farmington, New Mexico High School alumni.  Five years later, Ginger passed the reins to me and thanks to her, we are still connected – 190 persons strong.  Our 1956 graduation class numbered 126 (or was it 116 – or 106?), however, the newsletter has expanded to include news of all Farmington High School Classes and we love the connections.  We treasure the friendships.  Learning about our classmates’ lives since graduation, rejoicing with them when our children and grandchildren achieve goals and make us all proud, grieving together (albeit over the miles that separate us) when a classmate dies or experiences the death of a spouse or loved one, sharing our teenage memories – these connections draw us closer together and we realize how very fortunate we are.

We.  Are.  Fortunate.

Issue 14, No. 3 is back from the printers, the envelopes are labeled and stamped.  Scorpio Tales goes to the  Seguin Post Office today and will fly to various destinations: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, New Jersey, Virginia, Nevada, Missouri, California, Utah, Oregon, Minnesota, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, North Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Australia.

We have spread our wings!

Farmington Alumni – many thanks for the photos, articles, information, contributions – and most especially (shades of Bob Hope), thanks for the memories.

A song from the Fifties!

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