close your eyes

From the book jacket:

“A dark yet tender tale about two grown siblings struggling to forge normal lives in the wake of an unimaginably shattering crisis–the conviction of their father for the murder of their mother–Close Your Eyes is a tale of twists, turns, secrets, and surprises, all the more engaging for its finely drawn characters.  Amanda Eyre Ward’s deep empathy makes this, ultimately, a story about the power of trust in the people we love.

– Julia Glass, author of The Widower’s Tale

We finished our breakfast and walked to the house to get our swimsuits.  I was rummaging in my room for my red one-piece when I heard an awful sound–a cry like a screeching cat.

There was a long carpeted stairway in the house on Ocean Avenue.  I was halfway up the steps when Alex slammed my parents’ bedroom door behind him and rushed to me, grabbing my shoulders.

“Turn around,” said Alex.  His face was white as milk.


Turn around!” he screamed.

I love the following descriptive sentences.

Gerry had been a wrestler in high school and still had a rangy, stocky build.  He was my height, and when we swayed in the kitchen to a slow tune on the radio, we fit together like wooden jigsaw pieces.  Like Illinois, nestled next to Missouri in my old puzzle of the United States.

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